One of England’s most exclusive Pink Fizz’s sponsors the ICCWS 2016.

Hush Heath Estate is a premium English Quality Wine and cider producer based in Kent, South East England and is proud to be a sponsor of the world’s first Cool Climate Wine Symposium in 2016.  Cool Climate wines in todays international markets embody current consumer trends for finesse, elegance, restraint and moderate alcohol.  Cool climate regions all over the world, in which we are all established producers, lead to particular and specific challenges in our vineyards and wineries.

Why has Hush Heath Estate decided to sponsor ICCWS 2016?

Richard Balfour-Lynn, Producer at Hush Heath commented on their decision to support the ICCWS 2016: “It is imperative that we share our knowledge, learn from one another, and do all we can to achieve, successfully market, and sustain the extremely high quality wines that our regions are capable of producing.  Hush Heath Estate welcomes all participants to England to support a successful future for cool climate wines.”

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