AgroThermal Systems

AgroThermal Systems

AgroThermal Systems comes on bAgrothermal-Logo_CMYK200oard as a partner for the ICCWS 2016

AgroThermal Systems provides the ability, through its patented Thermaculture technology and specific treatment protocols, to address viticulture problems that have had no solutions in the past and are particularly prevalent in cool climate wine growing areas. These include heating up flower bunches during cool or wet early season bloom to assure fruits set, keeping crops dry after rain events, creating heat shock to activate the natural self defense system of the plant and thereby develop higher levels of flavonoids including phenols, antioxidants and tannin. Lastly when crops stop developing sugar that falls short of desired levels, Thermaculture can be used to increase BRIX in a matter of days, to allow for timely harvest as needed by the winery or in advance of weather change.

Why AgroThermal Systems is sponsoring the ICCWS 2016

Cool climate producers face a unique set of challenges that make up the array of benefits provided by AgroThermal Systems and Thermaculture. After several years of research and protocol experimentation, we have begun commercializing this unique technology in many parts of the world. This venue is of particular importance to establishing a global understanding within the wine industry of our innovative solutions for cold climate production challenges and to present it as a sustainable new vineyard tool that can significantly aid and change the production process.

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