The No.1 manufacturer and supplier of vine shelters signs up as a sponsor for ICCWS 2016.

TYPAR_Logo_BuildingTUBEX is the no.1 brand of shelters that protect and enhance growth of young plants. Offering plant protection solutions to viticulture, landscaping and forestry applications, TUBEX has been specially designed to increase growth through a microclimate and well as being a physical barrier from animal browsing, machinery maintenance and herbicide spraying. The TUBEX brand is now recognised worldwide as one representing quality of product and service.
TUBEX is a brand of Polymer Group Inc (PGI).

Why has TUBEX decided to sponsor ICCWS 2016?

Catherine Fyfe (Marketing Communications, PGI) comments; “TUBEX is excited to be a partner at the ICCWS 2016. We pride ourselves on adding value to our customers and that starts with listening to their needs and understanding the market they play in, what better place to do that than at ICCWS 2016!”

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