Day 3 – Cool climate wine styles

Day 3 – Cool climate wine styles

Saturday 28 May, 9am–5pm
(Breakout sessions available on a first come, first served basis)

TimeDay 3 – Cool climate wine styles
8 ~ 9Coffee and Registration
9 ~ 10.40Managing cool climate styles
10.40 – 11Coffee Break
11 ~ 13Wine sensory evaluationOenotourismCompetitiveness of cool-climate regions in global wine markets
13 ~ 14Lunch/posters
14 ~ 15.40The challenges involved in developing strong regional identities (2)Innovations in cool climate wine stylesAdvances in sparkling wine production
15.40  ~ 16.00Coffee Break
16 ~ 17Closing Session


Managing cool climate styles

Explore some of the major challenges faced by growers and winemakers when producing wines in cool climate regions.

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Wine Sensory Evaluation

  • Gain an awareness of how the key senses are inter-related and influence wine evaluation
  • Join the debate on minerality in wine
  • Discover the influence of smell on mouth-feel in wines
  • Learn how to manage cultural variation when teaching sensory evaluation
  • Evaluate the importance of the timing of the riddling process in bottle-fermented sparkling wine
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  • Learn about the latest research on what people are looking for when they visit a vineyard or visit a wine region.
  • Understand more about the benefits that wine tourism brings to businesses, both financial and in terms of developing brand loyalty
  • Listen to case studies from those who have been involved in developing wine tourism
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The Competitiveness Of Cool-Climate Regions In Global Wine Markets

  • Explore the economic forces that affect the competitiveness of cool-climate regions in the marketplace.
  • Compare the economics of production in the English wine industry with that of other major cool-climate wine producing areas.
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Innovations In Cool Climate Wine Styles

  • Gain an awareness of wine styles that cool climate regions could adopt to improve wine quality, such as orange wine, appassimento, and méthode ancestrale.
  • Discover the latest research and learn key practical steps in the production of innovative wine styles.
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The Challenges Involved In Developing Strong Regional Identities (Part 2)

This session will focus largely on the logistical and regulatory challenges involved in developing strong regional identities. This session follows on from Part 1 (Friday) which will focus more on exploring the marketing challenges. It is not essential to attend Part 1 in order to appreciate this session, but it is highly recommended.

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Advances In Sparkling Wine Production

  • Learn new techniques for monitoring the press cycle
  • Better understand the influence of sugar solutions at dosage on aromas and foam stability
  • Taste new flavours in sparkling wines, made with Saccharomyces interspecific hybrids
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Closing Session

The closing session will bring this Symposium to an end, whilst looking forward to its next iteration.

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