Day 1 – Facing a Challenging Climate

Day 1 – Facing a Challenging Climate

Thursday, 26 May, 9am–6pm
(Breakout sessions available on a first come, first served basis)

TimeDay 1 – Facing a Challenging Climate
8 ~ 9Coffee and Registration
9 ~ 10Opening
10 ~10.40Emerging cool climate regions
10.40 – 11Morning coffee break
11 ~ 13Emerging vineyard pest and diseasesNew varieties for cool climate regionsEmerging markets and new consumers
13 ~ 14Lunch/posters
14 ~ 14.45Managing climate-based variability
15 ~ 16.40Managing phenolicsProtected and semi-protected viticultureNew technological trends that impact the marketing of wine
16.40 ~ 17Coffee Break
17 ~ 18English wine presentation & tasting (Sparkling wines)


Opening Session

The opening session will set the scene.

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Emerging Cool Climate Regions

An essential overview of the current and future climate change effects on world viticulture from two leading experts in the field.

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Emerging vineyard pest and diseases

  • Discover the latest developments in grapevine trunk disease detection and management
  • Evaluate strategies the management of sour rot, esca and the marmorated stink bug.
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New Varieties for Cool Climate Regions

  • Become acquainted with the new marker technology revolution in vine breeding,
  • Appraise the development of mildew-resistant vine varieties
  • Learn about, and taste, some of the new varieties suitable for cool climate regions.
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Emerging Markets & New Consumers

  • Gain a better understanding of emerging markets and the new consumers
  • Better understand their relevance vis-a-vis established markets and current consumers.
  • Gain insights into how cool climate producers might take advantage of the opportunity provided by the changing marketplace.
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Managing Climate-based Variability

A critical insight into research and tools for managing climate-based variability in the vineyard and winery.

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Managing Phenolics

  • Evaluate techniques for the management of phenolics both from vinifera and hybrid grapes in wine in the vineyard and winery.
  • Discover how fragmenting berry skins can reduce the need for maceration in red wine production.
  • Find out about a new method for monitoring the development of phenolics in wine throughout the winemaking process.
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Protected and Semi Protected Viticulture

  • Evaluate different vineyard protection techniques against frost and winter freeze damage, including bud acclimation monitoring, delaying budburst and grow tubes.
  • Discover a new type of cloche for increasing yield and advancing fruit ripening
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New Technological Trends That Impact The Marketing Of Wine

  • See how wine businesses implement new technologies which could benefit you
  • Hear inspiring case studies that focus on how new technologies help to market and sell wine more effectively
  • Meet some of the wine industry’s key innovators
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English Sparkling Wine

  • Appreciate the qualities and different styles of UK-grown sparkling wines
  • Assess where the UK is now in terms of quality, and where it might be in twenty years’ time
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