Tubex and Sparflex show their support

The latest in the line-up of sponsors for ICCWS 2016 are Tubex, the leading brand of protective shelters for young vine plants, and leading drinks packaging company, Sparflex

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Leading brand of plant shelter, Tubex, is the third sponsor of the ICCWS 2016.  “Tubex is excited to be a partner at the ICCWS 2016, says  Catherine Fyfe, marketing and communications manager at Polymer Group Inc, the owners of Tubex. “We pride ourselves on adding value to our customers and that starts with listening to their needs and understanding the market they play in. What better place to do that than at ICCWS 2016!”

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 16.52.42Sparflex, one of the world’s leading packaging companies, has also joined the line-up of industry sponsors. With locations throughout the main wine producing regions around the world and a base in Epernay specialising in the production of foils and wire hoods for sparkling wines, their teams cover all stages of packaging, from concept to final production. Well aware of its own and its customers’ environmental responsibilities, the Sparflex team are particularly looking forward to participating in the debates at ICCWS 2016 on climate change, new terroirs and future market opportunities. Sébastien Rouillaux, marketing director at Sparflex says: “We are very keen on coming to the UK, supporting one of our historical partners.”

Other sponsors signed up include Laithwaite’s Wine and Lallemande. A privately owned Canadian company, Lallemande specialises in the production of yeasts and bacteria.

Lallemand logo“Lallemand is delighted to be a partner for the 2016 ICCWS,’ said Ann Dumont, communication manager within the Oenology Division at Lallemand. “Lallemand has a strong commitment to research and education and our association with the Symposium continues this mission. We are looking forward to the 2016 event in the UK, an exciting and dynamic market, and learning about the latest research and advances in cool climate winemaking.”

If you are interested in sponsoring the ICCWS 2016 you will find more information here.

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